Software Education
with Virtual Class™
Anytime anywhere, easy with browser!
Virtual Class™ can be used not only for online class but also
for offline class that requires a high-performance PC
Try Virtual Class
Anytime, Anywhere
with internet access!
Virtual Class™ is a service that provides a hands-on training
environment through an internet browser. You can use the
hands-on training class regardless of time and place
Virtual Class™ is being used
various education area.
Thanks to Virtual Class, students can freely
review and prepare in non-class time
Since there is no restriction regarding place and number of participants,
we expect that it will be used more in the future for our classes.
Moreover, Virtual Class™ is very easy to use, so students could use easily
and learn freely.
Industry-University Cooperation Foundation, Changwon Univ.
Service Portfolio
Customized service
Virtual Class™ provides various plans depending on
the customer’s requirement and recommends
an ideal plan in consultation.
On Demand
SW Hands-on Training
No program installation
Anytime connection
Uniform hands-on training environment
No program installation
Only the Internet needs to be connected
SW Hands-on Training
Video Chat
Realtime Guidance
Multi Monitoring
Public Storage
On Demand plan features
Realtime bidirectional class
Multi monitoring Remote guidance
Upload and Download at public storage
On Demand
On Demand plan features
LIVE plan features
Customized admin account and page
White label service
Online education with Virtual Class